Air Quality

AQ Sense is the range of sensors measuring air quality developed by Ecologicsense

Communicating solutions for real-time measurement of air quality

Your needs change, having a reliable and real-time measure of air quality is becoming increasingly necessary regardless of the operating environment: industry, city, buildings …

Ecologicsense has developed a complete range of sensors called AQ-Sense and designed to meet the challenges of real-time measurement of pollutants in the air.

Made from innovative and reliable technologies, the advantages of these products lies in their independence, network versatility (technology WISNet by ARAGO SYSTEMS), compactness and competitive price.

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  • AQSense e-PM: PM 10 and PM 2.5 + T°C &Humidity
    e-PM RF

    Control measure, and alert in real time fine dust particles concentration (PM2.5 and PM 10) present in indoor or outdoor air in cities with e-PM.

    This product can be used for both inner environments and outer ones.

    Wireless Communication RF



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