Monitoring van luchtkwaliteit bij zandroeves
Monitoring van luchtkwaliteit bij werven
Luchtskwaliteitsanalyse bij nieuwe gebouwen
Sturing van ventilaties

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  • e-styrene (styrene sensor)

    e-Styrene can monitor in real time the styrene concentration in air and communicate to a ventilation system via MODBUS protocol.

    Make your ventilation systems or treatment plants smart and improve air quality while reducing energy consumption.
    With the e-Styrene you can control your ventilation systems in workshops using solvents, paints and protect your staff.The sensor will provide the ventilation system data styrene concentration in air to modulate the flow of extracted air.

  • e-VOC Industry (0-200PPM) : COV sensor (TVOC) Total Volatile Organic Compounds
    e-VOc (PPB & Ind)RF

    Measure, control and alert in real time concentration of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) in buildings with e-VOC

    This product can be used for industrial use (e-VOC Industry) or in buildings, offices, establishements servicing the public (ppb Level) It can be autonomous through renewable energy

    Wireless Communication RF